WP Glossary – How To Create Multiple Glossaries

If you want to create more than one group of glossary terms, use the Glossary Groups taxonomy. Find the menu under Glossary Terms > Glossary Groups.

Then you can restrict the term_list or atoz shortcodes using the groups argument. Or you can list them in the usual WordPress way using the taxonomy term page.

For example, I have a group that I have labelled ‘WordPress’: http://www.tcbarrett.com/glossary-group/wordpress/

3 thoughts on “WP Glossary – How To Create Multiple Glossaries”

  1. Hi and thank you for this great plugin! One question remains: Is it possible to handle homonyms with glossary groups?
    I.e. I have two posts with the term ‘bow’. I would like to create two glossary terms for this: ‘the front of a ship’ and ‘a weapon to shoot arrows with’. And then I would like to use both entries in the respective post. Is this possible at all?
    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Jens

      Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately there is no support for homonyms at this point.

      It is a great idea, and I will add it to my (now very long) list of ideas. As you can probably tell, I’ve been too busy for any recent updates. Work and family life must come first, as much as I would like to improve my plugin.

  2. Hello!
    I’m trying to add a list of groups of terms for the side bar (kinda like the category cloud on wordpress, get it?), can you shed some light over it? 🙂

    Instead of the list of terms or a list of terms from a specifi group of terms, I’m looking for a list of groups, something like:
    [glossary_group_list cols=2 /] instead of [glossary_term_list cols=2 /]

    Is it possible to do?

    thank you for your attention, Gil.

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