WordPress Plugins

I have written many WordPress plugins. Usually they are┬ácommissioned by a company and I write them for that company, and not for public release. I don’t own the rights to those plugins so I cannot enforce their publication back to the WordPress community. It is significantly different writing a specialised custom plugin for a single client to writing a plugin for public use. The main issue is that a private plugin (for want of a better word) only needs to work for one person, but a public one must cater for all sorts of folk. And companies don’t necessarily want me to spend their money (my time) making these additional changes.

My Plugins

I’ve had some ideas for plugins and I wish to learn the proper coding standards for WordPress work. So what better thing could I think of other than to actually publish some plugins.

Simple Ajax Form

This not a fully fledged plugin, merely a tool to expand on a concept in one of my posts (AJAX forms).


This was an idea for a simple plugin that I could learn more about WordPress from. Adding a glossary of terms to your website. I made a mistake right from the start with this plugin, so I was learning right from the outset! More details here.