WP Glossary WordPress plugin updated – Version 1.4

My glossary plugin has been updated. Download the latest version from WordPress now!

There have been a few releases since my last plugin blog update. But in favour of progress and the greater good, I’m trying not to be afraid of mistakes. So I’m trying to embrace committing early and often. (It’s a blog post of its own but here are some references Commit Early, Commit Often, Don’t Be Afraid of Commitment and Using version Control)¬†Anyway, enough side-tracking. I just wanted to highlight why I’m not going to blog every time there is a plugin update.

This entry covers versions 1.3 and 1.4

New features

I have added support for i18n. I’ve tested it a little, but this is new to me, and I don’t think I have done it correctly. There are no errors generated, and the ‘Codestyling Localization‘ plugin recognises the text domain and allows creation of .mo and .po files. Cross fingers I’ll figure out what’s going on, and make sure it is implemented fully and correctly.

The glossary post type supports editing the excerpt. This the text used in the tooltip hover – you can use standard WordPress excerpt filters to change how the text appears.

The A to Z range function (for the Glossary A to Z) is passed through a filter so you can change the character range. I’m hoping this will allow for other alphabets and non alphabetic characters. I am however, banking on WordPress handling everything else nicely ūüôā

New version check hook. This will fix any permalink issues that folks might have. I don’t seem able to flush the permalinks on plugin registration, so this now happens every time the plugin gets updated. So this will fix old and new installations.

On The To Do list

These the ideas I have for what to add next. I can’t guarantee it though.

  • Make tooltip optional
  • CSV load of glossary terms
  • Glossary taxonomy

WP Glossary WordPress plugin updated – Version

My glossary plugin has been updated. Download the latest version from WordPress now!

Version 1.2 has a fix, a couple of updates and some new features. I have a weirdly warm and fuzzy feeling from the responses I received. I’m somewhat taken aback that people are actually downloading and using my plugin! Enough guff. Here’s a summary of changes:

New Features

Inspired by Brandon Sawyer, I created an A to Z version of the term list. It is powered by jQuery. Javascript is ridiculously common these days, so there is no non-js fallback. If a demand arises for it, then I have an idea how to implement it.

Although always planned, it was requested in the forums by jpmizell, and so reference meta has been added.

He also requested that the author be supported. I try to keep things tidy, and had not included it previously. It was easy to add back in, and there’s no real reason not to.


I reduced the font size and added a border to the tooltip hover. Hopefully that improved the UI.

Still inspired by Brandon, the original term list short code allows you to restrict the list to terms starting with a specific character of the alphabet. You can specify multiple starting characters.


The default CSS for the tooltip hover was  broken for longer glossary term descriptions. I added some overflow:hidden.

Thanks for all the great feedback!

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I’ve been on a small hiatus. Life dumped some complications on me and a lot of things had to get put to the side. Things have settled down, and I now hope to get back to my extra¬†curricular (outside the office) WordPress¬†activities.

Plugin Authoring: wp-glossary

I made a simple plugin (wp-glossary), the aim being to learn about the WordPress repository and to get a feel for what it entailed. Amazingly the plugin has been downloaded over a thousand times, and I’ve had email requests and feedback. Wow! That was so much more than I expected.

I spent this morning tidying up the plugin code, adding some screen-shots and building a dedicated landing page. This meant I felt I could officially release version 1.0.