Boost Your WordPress Hosting Speed – Linode Introduces Beta Solid State Hybrid

Hosting with an excellent VPS provider is always a great way to serve up a super fast WordPress website. Being able to configure your server for efficiency and speed, specifically targeted at handling the WordPress stack (MySQL, PHP, Nginx), can really lift you away from the average. And, without going into too much detail, everything in that stack relies on the speed of your disk. So disk speed matters.

We’ve developed a new Linode storage layer that includes a combination of ‘good stuff’ SSDs (in redundant pairs) and our proven hard drive storage system.

Linode appear to going from strength to strength. Whilst keeping their core unique selling point (reliability!), they are responding well to competition. As customers we are reaping the benefits.

Any idea if it’ll cost extra or not?

Asks archon810 on the forums.

It will not. And, we will have a plan for upgrading most, if not all, of the existing fleet.



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  1. I’ve been really happy with Linode since moving there. Previous to that, I had been happy with Uberhost and previous to that I had been happy with Hostgator. I seem to have a good track record of choosing reliable webhosts 🙂

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