WP Glossary WordPress plugin updated – Version

My glossary plugin has been updated. Download the latest version from WordPress now!

Version 1.2 has a fix, a couple of updates and some new features. I have a weirdly warm and fuzzy feeling from the responses I received. I’m somewhat taken aback that people are actually downloading and using my plugin! Enough guff. Here’s a summary of changes:

New Features

Inspired by Brandon Sawyer, I created an A to Z version of the term list. It is powered by jQuery. Javascript is ridiculously common these days, so there is no non-js fallback. If a demand arises for it, then I have an idea how to implement it.

Although always planned, it was requested in the forums by jpmizell, and so reference meta has been added.

He also requested that the author be supported. I try to keep things tidy, and had not included it previously. It was easy to add back in, and there’s no real reason not to.


I reduced the font size and added a border to the tooltip hover. Hopefully that improved the UI.

Still inspired by Brandon, the original term list short code allows you to restrict the list to terms starting with a specific character of the alphabet. You can specify multiple starting characters.


The default CSS for the tooltip hover was  broken for longer glossary term descriptions. I added some overflow:hidden.

Thanks for all the great feedback!

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