Adding time of day published to posts column

Web sites that wish to publish articles regularly would be lost without the ability to schedule posts. An important and necessary tool for the busy blogger. I use it myself for this little site. However sites with such a high volume may find that they are publishing more than once per day. At this point, knowing just the date when a post was published or is scheduled to be published is not enough. They need to know the time of publication too.

Over at the WP Tavern they mention how it is possible to see this by hovering over the date. I’m quite lazy though, and would find that a little cumbersome. Luckily WP Beginner have pinged the article with a link to a plugin that solves this problem by replacing the date column with something much more powerful. Now, I’m quite inquisitive, so I like to know how to do it myself. So here is my 14 line snippet that you can paste into your functions.php file to add a time column to your posts. It’s visually better than having to hover over every post, but not as featured as the plugin.

Add a time column to your posts list overview admin page

add_filter('manage_posts_columns', 'tcb_add_time_column_to_posts');
function tcb_add_time_column_to_posts($columns) {
  $columns['time'] = __('Time');
  return $columns;

add_action('manage_posts_custom_column',  'tcb_handle_time_column');
function tcb_handle_time_column($col){
  switch($col) :
    case 'time':
      echo get_the_time();

Hope you enjoyed that.

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