WordPress 3.3 ‘Killer Feature’ prediction

WordPress is now in feature freeze. This means no more ideas or features can be added. Development will focus on the features already in the pot. The WordPress team now have many years of experience rolling out open source collaborative projects, and for the more recent version have stated they will be more strict. Meaning that they will pull (or cut) features and not let deadlines slip. This makes their releases more reliable and regular. And it allows folks to make some noise about the upcoming new features. Inevitably there will be discussion on which new feature is best, which feature will have the most impact.

Historically, where WordPress has won, the up-front first thing that makes people use WordPress has been the ease of installation. The famous 5 minute install. The ability to be up and running with the up most of ease. To this end, I believe that the new guidelines (or New User Experience) will be the perfect complement. Following on from a quick and easy installation, new users are presented with helpful pop-up notes to let them know about new features.

[Updated] as per comments.